About Lee

A Composer & Audio Producer

I am Lee Pritchard, a composer and audio producer. I travel in my motorhome to capture drone footage of the beautiful UK landscape. I also record natural ambience and compose music to create calming music videos.

I also produce other genres of music, but I enjoy the freedom of these ambient styles. The music is free-flowing, a stream of consciousness inspired by the natural world. I use expressive breath-controlled instruments and aim to put as much feeling into the music as possible by entering a state of mindfulness. I connect with the music and landscapes by focusing on my breath and being present in the moment. I am passionate about music and nature. The outdoors, whether camping, motorhoming, or walking, has always been a source of inspiration for me.

Why mindfulness?

Like so many people in the modern world, I have had my battles with depression and anxiety. After years of dealing with repeated bouts, I was sick and tired of the cycle of getting antidepressants only to eventually come off them and then slowly slip back into the darkness of depression. Nothing worked permanently or without side effects, and our modern medical system never seems to tackle the cause, only the symptoms.

Having heard about something called mindfulness, I investigated and pushed my doctor for more information about it. They sent me for counselling which still did not include mindfulness. For this reason, I listened to several audiobooks on the subject and convinced my counsellor to help me with mindfulness instead of the usual talking therapies. This was a massive success for me. It had a profound impact on my life. After years of struggling with depression and anxiety and relying on medication, through mindfulness, I learned to control my symptoms without medication.


Since discovering that mindfulness practice controls my depression and anxiety, I have practised it regularly. If you had told me that it would rid my life of depression and change my view of reality, I would have thought you were crazy. However, by meditating and practising mindfulness, it has had a profound spiritual effect on me.

My view on reality has fundamentally changed in a positive way. Mindfulness and meditation are ancient practices that are very powerful and easily overlooked by people. If my story resonates with you, don’t dismiss it. Feel free to watch my videos to aid your mindfulness practice.

Connecting it to music

My relaxation music is inspired by two things that have had a profound impact on my life: mindfulness meditation and nature.

When composing music for Scenic Exploration, I take a stream-of-consciousness approach. I avoid using a metronome and try not to let my thoughts interfere with the creative process. The less my thought process is involved, the better the result. I simply hit the record button and start playing. I actually enter a mindfulness state during the composition process.

Nature has always been a significant source of inspiration for me. I believe that when combined with scenic footage, my music can serve as both soothing background music and a tool for meditation and mindfulness practice. While the practice of mindfulness may seem simple, it’s not always easy to do. However, with dedication, you can quiet your mind where the present moment is all that matters. This can reduce stress and improve your mental health. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their mental well-being, along with spending time in nature to recharge and gain inspiration.

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