Talybont to Llyn Irddyn

1 hour of 4K Beautiful Scenery & Relaxing Music with Aerial Views of Talybont to Llyn Irddyn in Wales from Scenic Exploration. 4K drone footage with aerial views from the coastal village of Talybont to the beautiful Welsh mountain landscape of Llyn Irddyn with calming music for sleep, relaxation, stress relief, and well-being. The aerial drone footage is accompanied by a calming meditative synth pad, with a gentle piano and soothing flugelhorn. Peaceful and relaxing, perfect for sleep music, meditation music, relaxation, and relieving stress.

The Talybont and Llyn Irddyn 4K videos are filmed by me Lee Pritchard, a Composer & Audio Producer from the UK. I travel in my motorhome writing music, recording drone footage and nature ambience to create videos with beautiful UK scenery that are themed around relaxation, meditation, inspiration, and binaural soundscapes.

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